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  Who requires a Will?
Making a Will is not just for senior citizens, it is important that we all take steps to make sure that, when the time comes, our assets are distributed to the people of our choice with minimal complication and delay. It doesn’t necessarily follow that our loved ones will inherit our estate if a Will has not been written. Upon acquiring any assets, you may wish to start thinking about drawing up a Will.

At Mackay Sinclair WS we understand that writing a Will is a very personal and sometimes challenging experience and our team is here to help every step of the way handling each client with sensitivity and professionalism.

What are the costs involved?
We offer a very competitive rate for the creation of a Will, which may vary depending on the degree of the complexity. If you are in a couple and wish to create a mirror Wills, we can arrange a special package at a discounted rate. For a more detailed quote, please call 0131 652 1166 or contact us on our enquiry form.

What should I be thinking about putting in my Will?
When drawing up a Will, you should think about who you would want to carry out your last wishes. This person is known as an Executor. You may have more than one Executor for your Will.

You need to also think about what assets you have, and who you wish them to go to. You may simply want to leave everything to one person, divide it between a group, or have specific items go to certain individuals. There is no set way to go about this, it is entirely dependent on what you feel is best for you.

Our Executry Team are also hear to help once a loved one has passed away, by dealing with all aspects of winding up their estate. Our compassionate approach aims to take as much of the burden from off your shoulders as possible. The team will guide you through the process of the Executory, whilst updating you each step of the way, ensuring as smooth a transition as possible.

Whether a loved one has left a Will or perhaps has passed away Intestate, at Mackay Sinclair we have a vast experience of the many different scenarios that can arise allowing us to tailor an appropriate approach for each client.


What is a Welfare & Continuing Powers of Attorney?
Welfare and Continuing Powers of Attorney allow people you nominate to act within your best interest and on your behalf when you are unable to. This can be due to infirmity and/or old age.

What is required to create a Welfare & Continuing Powers of Attorney?
Welfare and Continuing Powers of Attorney require you to name a person or persons you wish to have handling your affairs when you are not able to conduct them yourself. This should be someone who is competent enough to handle your affairs, and who you trust to do so.

What are the cost involved?
A Welfare & Continuing Power of Attorney needs registered with the Office of the Public Guardian and we are able to advise you of the current level of registration dues.

Please contact Mackay Sinclair today for a highly competitive quote for your Power of Attorney on 0131 652 1166 or by using our online enquiry form.

General Powers of Attorney
If you require a Power of Attorney for only a short period, you should further think about the specific Powers you wish to grant and the duration you wish them to be active for. Mackay Sinclair can help guide you through this process to ensure all of your bases are fully covered.

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